I know I said I was leaving…

I started geeking around with the settings of Drupal here and have configured it as my primary RSS reader and adding a few other modules. It's really pretty nifty.

To expand on my initial posting, as the Sr/Lead Developer of the company, I have my hands in every project that comes in the door. For some I participate in the determining the vision and goals of the project, for others I design much of the architecture of the system, still for others I get my hands deep into nearly every line of code used, and finally, I'm starting to look into the business development side of projects. It's a sort of Jack of All Trades role and I quite enjoy it.

Within our current dotProject modifications, I am working to integrate it with the Mantis Bug Tracking System. We have used both systems extensively for quite a while and it's a logical progression. At this time, I have all of the read-only functionality complete. My next step is to create, modify, and delete issues.

This time I'm really leaving.

~ KC

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