SugarCRM & Interactive Voice Response – Corridor

CaseySoftware has been working this past year to help business improve their processes by the intelligence deployment and use of tools. While we predominantly support back office operations revolving around Project Management, occassionally we have a product which sneaks out and interacts directly with the customer. Under the cover of darkness these recent months, we’ve […]

Website Refactoring

I was recently involved in a CMS evaluation for a rather large client. Their needs were relatively simple but overall they are driven by the lack of a robust web strategy. They have literally dozens of domain names, navigation styles, and even differing content on an entire series of sites spread throughout hosting facilities all […]

Java and Cruft: Save me now

With one of our biggest customers right now, I'm working on a series of SMS applications. Neither is particularly complicated, but there's been an interesting disparity between developing each of them. The first one provides special alert information to your phone. The entire system is built in Java on top of a Maven/Tomcat/Struts/Hibernate stack. The […]

Customers who Don't Pay

Prior to starting CaseySoftware, I was almost always employed by someone else working for yet another group on particular projects. These projects were for commercial, government, and internal customers, both public and private. I don't think there's anything odd or particularly special about this part of it, but there is one key thing that was […]

On Choosing Proper Models

When software developers talk about a project, concept, or just about anything else, we normally speak in reference to models. We use analogies, we make comparisons, we have even come up with the concept of Design Patterns just to improve communication. While making comparisons can speed communication, we must choose the right comparisons and acknowledge […]