Project Importer v2.0 Release

This is the latest and greatest release and resolves a number of small issues and makes some advances in terms of the module overall. The biggest single change is the class structure itself. As in it has one now. Previously, the module was focused exclusively on importing Microsoft Project files and demonstrated this through a […]

PM411 Podcast – dotProject

This week, one of the fearless leaders of dotProject submitted herself to the excruciating process of being interviewed and sharing some thoughts on dotProject, its goals, and some thoughts on the system as a whole. PM411 carries all gory details and full audio:   Podcast episode 014: dotProject collaborative project management software Today I talk […]

DC to Silicon Valley – Part II

Last week, when I started discussing the technology startup climate in DC (DC to Silicon Valley?), I started from a faulty premise, but not the one that trips up most. After reading a great historical analysis from SFGate and some further research and brainstorming, here's a slight correction to my previous post and some futher […]