Broken Windows… A clarification

After my post last week on "The Broken Window Fallacy in Software", it was clear that there was a misunderstanding. In terms of Broken Windows, there are two types.. First, there's the Broken Window Fallacy which is an economic explanation which dates back to the 1850's. The principle idea – which I was building upon […]

The Second web2project Demo

As an update to last week's post – The First web2project Demo – I have… (wait for it)… the Second web2project demo! – admin / testtest No sensitive information should be added to this system as it is available to everyone who logs in.  This is the latest snapshot of current development. It is […]

Chaotic Project Management, part 1

I always thought that writing a good spec before programming is mandatory. I like short but frequent discussions where a project spec is being written. I found out that having a spec (Agile, or not) is something mandatory. Ever since I understood I have to demand a spec from the customer, even if I have […]

Widget DevCamp DC

Via the highly esteemed and very local Justin Thorp, I learned about Widget DevCamp DC over the 25th and 26th of this month (January 2008 for the archives): WidgetDevCamp is a DevCamp/BarCamp-style event for anyone interested in modular social app develpment — widgets, Facebook, OpenSocial, the works. It will be a chance for discussion, learning, […]

The First web2project Demo

Well, it's been a long time in coming, but we're getting ever closer to a release…. so here's our first public demo: – admin / testtest And yes, I do the see the irony in the demo being hosted on the domain. A couple quick caveats on this one: First, the system is […]

The Art of the Introduction

A long, long time ago before I started CaseySoftware, I didn't understand the point of an introduction. I considered it irrelevant and not all that important to day to day business, goals, or even your personal/professional standing… Then I read a pair of books that changed things: Art of the Start and Love is the […]

Site Triage and You

Or "Wait a second.. what is that burning smell!?" Now that things have calmed down a bit with WhyGoSolo, I'd like to give a bit of my perspective… Whenever you launch a site, there are going to be problems.  Some are going to be tiny and only detectable by the handful of people actively working […]