CodeMash 2011 Recap

Last week I attended and spoke at CodeMash for the first time. For those unaware – and I was until last year – CodeMash is a community run effort that just wrapped its fifth year. Unlike most of the conferences I attend, there wasn’t much PHP and instead there was a heavy focus on .Net, […]

7 Keys to Successful Improvement Projects

This blog is intended to invite discussion on why some improvement projects succeed while most fail to realise the benefits expected. I have conducted significant research in this area and have found the reasons most improvement projects fail is not because of the methodology underpinning the improvement process, but the failure to recognise and foster […]

web2project Risk Management v1.0

As of Sunday, January 9th, the first version of the Risk Management Module is available for Web2project. While I’d love to be able to describe all the changes, the conversion process covered so many aspects, it’s hard to list them all. The most important ones are: It supports full permissions, so you can configure Roles […]

Top 10 Issues for Project Managers

With all the talk of managing projects via Twitter, web-based tools, and more collaborative/social mediums there is still a lack of wide-spread adoption of PM/PPM management tools at many organizations. Many projects still cobble together some Excel spreadsheets, static MS Project file, and MS Viso schemas into a PowerPoint presentations. Version control, standardization, collaboration, real-time […]

Recruiting Investor #2

In the past couple months, I've chatted quite a bit with different startup founders. Most were non-technical people looking for a developer to expand what they have (rare) or build it from the ground up (the vast majority). In all but a few cases, something rubbed me wrong about the conversations… In a few cases, […]