When is Enough Enough?

I share this post from my friend and former boss, Paul Murphy. Paul is unique in that he’s “American” in the legal sense but has spent most of his life not in the States. That includes working, raising kids, starting businesses, and just generally living. I share this post as a followup to my “The […]

The Uncounted Casualty of 2020

Before I go into this post, I realize that I’m blessed. My job has continued uninterrupted throughout, my family has been healthy, and – while many friends have struggled – it has been painful but not catastrophic. Overall, I have few legitimate complaints. Since COVID-19 spread outside China, the world has been flipped upside down […]

My Reading List (2019)

After college, I resolved to read one book a month. It can be fiction, non-fiction, technical, business-oriented, or whatever as the goal was to always be absorbing and digesting new ideas and information, even just for fun. In more recent years, I’ve generally tried to read 3 per month which works great with a Kindle app and […]