API Design Smells

In software development, a “Design Smell” is a signal that something isn’t quite right. Think of it like your car sounding a little bit different or your Spidey Sense tingling. In the best of times, you can immediately point at the problem and know how to fix it. But the rest of the time, it […]

The Secret of Developer Pricing

Every startup goes through the debate of “How should we do developer pricing?” The conversation normally goes something like this: Person A: We need to come up a package that developers will buy! Person B: Okay, what if we took the free version and added A, B, and C? Person C: But developers don’t buy […]

Website Or Shopify?

In my “Startups Suck” post, I alluded to the excitement of being ready to sell. You finally come up with a product that sparks people’s interest and, all of a sudden, you start thinking it’s time to do business. It’s undeniably a thrilling moment, but it’s also important at this pint to be able to decide […]

My Reading List (2021)

After college, I resolved to read one book a month. It can be fiction, non-fiction, technical, business-oriented, or whatever as the goal was to always be absorbing and digesting new ideas and information, even just for fun. With the Kindle app and travel, that was always easy. In 2021, I had a series of major life changes […]

My Startup is Broken

Whenever I advise (or join!) a startup, one of the first conversations goes something like this: “Oh man. Everything here is broken! It sucks! There’s so much to do and not enough people to do it. We’re missing so many things, we don’t know where to start! The product needs so much work. Marketing needs […]