Answering Some Flex Questions

In the past month or so, I've taught php|architect's “Rich Internet Applications with Flex & PHP“ a couple times. We cover a variety of topics ranging from the Data Connection Wizard to data binding to security to building visual components. Throughout the sessions, the students have asked some fantastic questions. In fact, some of the […]

SQLite in Flex

When we spec'd out the Web2project Desktop Client, the Vision was to build a simple client that would retrieve a user's list of tasks, allow them to log time against any or all of them, and update the server with the time and comments. While the vast majority of the time the user would be […]

TEK·X: Live Coding in Flex

This is incredibly late since tek·X starts in four days, but it's definitely worth noting here. After a headed battle of Rock-Paper-Scissors against Cal Evans and Marco Tabini, I finally lost. While I thought we were deciding who was going to pay for dinner, it turns out the stakes were a bit lot higher. It […]