The Benefits of Sticking to It

Today a client of mine emailed me with great news. He is starting to see results from the last 6 months of his marketing efforts. For instance, his sales pipeline is heating up thanks to an educational letter and follow up campaign we worked on – including 2 recently closed deals. He just spoke at […]

Avoiding Common Bottlenecks When Implementing ERP

Advances in technology have made ERP systems a popular way of optimizing how businesses operate. From streamlining production, HR and accounting processes to analyzing trends and reports, these software suites offer powerful benefits to businesses of all sizes. However, the overall success of an ERP implementation is dependent on the strategic planning process. ERP implementation […]

Standard Types of Project Report

Most companies involved in managing projects often have to use multiple types of project report to establish communication between the managers and the performers. However, every report takes some time to develop, maintain, read and follow up. Obviously it would be much faster and cost-effectively to use several standard report formats. Standard types of report […]

5 Fundamental Documents for a Project

A good project manager keeps good documentation. That person organizes project documentation in a way that ensures easy and authorized access to document creation, editing and archiving. But how to know which documents to develop and keep within a project? In this article I’m going to list top 5 documents that you, as a great […]