The Importance of Non-judgement and non-attachment in sales and entrepreneurship

The last blog post talked about the importance of failure. There are two mindsets that makes failure acceptable and bearable, and they are non-judgment and non-attachment. Both of these mindsets mean that you can go all out to get your business going, or to make a sale—but you stay a bit detached. You don’t judge […]

Avoiding Common Bottlenecks When Implementing ERP

Advances in technology have made ERP systems a popular way of optimizing how businesses operate. From streamlining production, HR and accounting processes to analyzing trends and reports, these software suites offer powerful benefits to businesses of all sizes. However, the overall success of an ERP implementation is dependent on the strategic planning process. ERP implementation […]

5 Technologies to Turbo-Charge Project Efficiency

Keeping projects moving in any business can be a challenge, but with the help of technology, many of the traditional obstacles to efficiency can be overcome. Some of the roadblocks have always been to create well-laid out plans, transfer documents to multiple people for editing, meet deadlines, and finally, get the proper approvals to get […]

Project Initiation Phase – How to Initiate a Project

The project initiation phase is the critical phase within the project life-cycle. It is also called the project pre-planning phase and about stating the basic characteristics of the project. To successfully initiate a project, you need to which basics steps are required to carry out to develop a business case, undertake a feasibility study, develop […]

Standard Types of Project Report

Most companies involved in managing projects often have to use multiple types of project report to establish communication between the managers and the performers. However, every report takes some time to develop, maintain, read and follow up. Obviously it would be much faster and cost-effectively to use several standard report formats. Standard types of report […]

ERP Effectiveness in Small Business Project Management

Project managers understand how critical the need to streamline all their project’s activities really is. The only way to reach milestones on time and ensure key deliverables are achieved is to build efficiency into every step of the system. So why do so many project managers, especially those in small and mid-sized businesses, rely on […]