Projects vs operational work – How do companies organise to be ‘best’ at both?

Read it on the blog is a project and engineering management discussion blog. A kind of ‘Carrie Bradshaw’ view of the engineering blogging world, only without the shoe fetish! The aim of this, my second blog, is to open a debate on what is the most appropriate organisational design for companies that are required to […]

How to write a good product requirements document

Written by Chris Pinter February 1, 2010 The development of new technology starts from a marketing perspective. It is important to know what you are building before you build it. Business Analysts’ are constantly asking the question… What does the market want? Knowing the answer is the key to success. Documenting the facts and key […]

How to build a Project Management Office

In today’s complex company environment new projects are continuously being developed as organizations seek new ways to lessen expenses, enhance processes, increase productivity, and build their bottom line. Managing these diverse projects along with their individuals, resources, technology, and communication is really a challenging endeavor for which the risk of failure is frequently far too […]

The Second Key to running Successful Improvement Projects: Senior Sponsor Support

In my previous blog, posted here on the 28th of February, I spoke about the first key to Successful Improvement Projects; “An Uncompromising Focus on the Customer.” At the conclusion of that posting, I promised to follow it up with the second key; Senior Sponsor Support. Read on to find out about the second key… […]

Communication is Key to Successful Project Management

Original Site: Project management is an art, and project management is also a science. This is my understanding of project management. It is a science, because it includes all aspects management knowledge. When it comes to project management, people naturally think of its eight major elements: scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, risk, procurement, […]