Web2project v2.2 Release Notes

As of 19 December 2010, web2project v2.2 is officially live! You can download it from SourceForge now. While in many releases we might focus on cleanup or functionality or developer aspects or similar, this one is a mishmash of a bunch of useful updates on numerous fronts. This isn’t all of the updates but a […]

web2project v2.1 Release Notes

As of 22 September 2010, web2project v2.1 is officially released! You can download it from SourceForge now. For Project Managers, there are not a huge number of tangible improvements. This was mostly a cleanup release: The most important part is that now a User can add Tasklogs for people other than themselves. When you create […]

Project Importer v4.1 Release

After a major cleanup of the structure and logic due to a handful of issues, v4.1 of the Project Importer is now available! You can download the latest version here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/web2project-mod/files/Project-Importer/ The purpose of the Project Importer is to allow users to import their project plans from other systems. Currently Microsoft Project and WBS Gantt […]

web2project v2.0 Release Notes

As of 29 June 2010, web2project v2.0 is officially released! You can download it from SourceForge now. Although this release had lots of bug fixes, the primary focus was on a few specific new features and major pieces of functionality. You can read the full v2.0 Release Notes, but in my opinion, the six most […]

web2project v1.3 Release Notes

As of 01 April 2010, v1.3 of web2project is live. This release was focused almost entirely on bug fixing and preparation for the coming v2.0 release in June. Since the v1.2.2 release in January: First, we added another 35 Unit Tests covering core functionality in the Tasks module. While there are still lots fo things […]

web2project v1.2 Release Notes

As of this morning – 09 December 2009 – web2project v1.2 is live! While there is not a huge amount of new user-facing functionality, the sheer number of fixes and amount of cleanup is staggering.  Since the v1.1 release in September: Pedro made some major updates to the iCal handling which added the Task Description […]

Project Importer v3.2 Release Notes

The Project Importer is available for web2project! Update: Unfortunately, the v3.1 release was a bit botched. As a result, this update is out of the normal ~6 month release cycle. A v3.2 release has already been prepared on the downloads page. Release Notes: Simplified the permissions checking to only check for “project add” privileges; Fixed […]

Web2project: v1.0 is Live!

I can’t believe that I forgot to announce this one: As of 1am Eastern Time on 08 June 2009, v1.0 of Web2project has been released. You can download web2project v1.0 from SourceForge and read the web2project v1.0 Release Notes on our wiki.  I’d love to dig into the notes and share some of the individual […]