Taxation without Representation

In case you missed this little gem from the New York Court of Appeals: Court rules telecommuter must pay taxes. This has widespread and serious implications throughout the technology field. Here are just a few: First, contrary to popular beliefs, the teleworker Thomas Huckaby was actually an employee of the New York based firm. This […]

Why Open Source?

I've always considered myself a “creative problem solver.” In fact, I remember calling myself that when I was writing my application essays for various colleges. When I got to college, one of my professors told us quite clearly: “within 3-5 years of graduation, most of the information you've learned here will be completely out of […]

Project Estimation – Part II: The Customer

Project Planning and Estimation can be a contentious issue. Yesterday, I presented a way of addressing the Developers' concerns while simultaneously demonstrating your management prowess. Today I will address the Customer side of the equation. Rule #1: A Customer Relationship is Work As Patrick has noted over and over again, “good customer service (just like […]

Project Estimation – Part I: PERT

Project Planning is the necessary evil to all projects. Project Managers hate it, Customers hate it, and the people actually doing the work – developers for now – hate it, and every walks away from the process feeling singed, beaten, intimidated, or even lied to. The customer thought this was an easy project and hoped […]