System Failure Strategies

Recently while heading into the DC Metro System, I saw something that reminded me of system failure and thought I'd address it here. Let's face it, at some point, no matter what industry, technology, or business we're in, something somewhere is going to fail. The question is: How does it fail? To the best of […]

Submitting a Bug: Howto

Let's face it, occasionally software has bugs. Software can have bugs ranging from a mispelled word in the User Interface to an issue that causes a complete system crash and a minor rip in the space time continuum. None of these are good. Of course, in order to fix these bugs, the developers need certain […]

dotProject != Project Management 101

I've gotten a number of calls and emails lately from people and organizations evaluating dotProject. Initially when I'd see these, I was always excited. A larger userbase means more interest and attention, new ideas and development, and the potential for growth in quite a few areas. The myriad of questions that would inevitably come was […]