Startup Fund Raising How(not)to

I have to admt that prior to the last couple months, my involvement on the funding side of startups was essentially non-existent. I've always been on the development side of things… cutting code, making sure code works, or managing small teams. The funding is a whole other world… The best thing is that friend and […]

Sometimes other people…

I generally don't use this space to get quite this personal, but after an enlightening conversation yesterday and this being Christmas Eve, I figured "why not?" In a gross overgeneralization, one of the problems with an engineer mindset like mine is that we tend to follow formulas. We learn early on that formulas work, they're […]

Blogging Strategy – Part 2

I wrote about this topic six months ago – Blogging Strategy – and had an update on a few different efforts. So blogging about blogging… yes, get over it. 😉 So six months has passed… has anything changed? Do more organizations get it? Are more organizations trying it? Are more organizations engaging with their customers, […]

Guerilla Development

I've thrown around the term more and more lately, sometimes it results in blank stares, sometimes knowing chuckles, but more often than not, it results in stories.  For the handful of you who aren't familiar with the term, here you go: Guerilla Development is when software development has to occur under the radar, off the […]

Blogging and Project Management

Almost every day, someone passes me a link to a study or article worth a chuckle and then gets prompty filed away or deleted.  It's not that the thought it unwanted or unappreciated, just that they often don't elicit further thought.  Late last week, I received a link that was just the opposite. Dennis McDonald […]