dotProject Permissions Tweak

Last night, I committed a small portion of code to the dotProject permissions system which is important enough that it deserves some discussion here. It all stems from a relatively simple question: What is the difference between 'edit' and 'view' permissions? Sounds easy, right? 'Edit' permissions allow a user to edit the selected record. If […]

dotProject vs Basecamp

All of the normal disclaimers apply here: I am a core member of the dotProject team and have been for 3+ years in addition to using it for quite a while prior to that. Update:  As of April 2008, nearly all operations have been moved away from Basecamp in favor of Highrise, also from 37signals […]

New Sponsorship: Project Exporter

After the success of the Microsoft Project Importer and a number of requests from interested people, we have up for sponsorship the Project Exporter. This has been a module that I've been looking forward to for quite a while and will finally close the loop between the two systems. A formal specification is still under […]

dotProject 2.1.0 – Last Call

For those of you interested, we're nearing the next dotProject release: 2.1.0. It is a update from the stable_2 branch (2.0.4), includes full mysql5 compliance, quite a bit of cleanup in terms of functionality and code quality, and more bugs closed than I care to consider. But before we can call this a Release, we […]

Blogging Predictions for 2007

After the sudden appearance of Tony in the dotProject forums and his great work, I started reading his blog and exchanging quips with him on the dotProject forums, here, and various other places online. To get his own revenge for my stunning ripostes and critiques, he has tagged me to share some thoughts on what […]