web2project Security Vulnerability

Late last month, I received some bad news about web2project… It turns out that web2project was vulnerable to a handful of select Cross Site Scripting (XSS: definition) vulnerabilities. While the attack vector was pretty specific to being an already authenticated user, it had the potential to be a major problem in a poorly configured system. […]

Joining a Startup II: Funding

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about Joining a Startup. In it, I discussed some of the important things to consider before joining a startup including responsibilities, career path, v1.0 vs the Vision, and funding. The post itself got a great response but more importantly, it generated some questions about funding. Apparently, many […]

2009 Year End Summary

As many do this time of year, I'm taking a few moments to review last years' goals and set new ones for this year. I don't do this lightly. I simply share them here as a form of public accountability. Without further ado… Blogging – My goal for 2009 was to average 15 items/month across […]