SQLite in Flex

When we spec'd out the Web2project Desktop Client, the Vision was to build a simple client that would retrieve a user's list of tasks, allow them to log time against any or all of them, and update the server with the time and comments. While the vast majority of the time the user would be […]

Top ten reasons why a project fails

1. Poor planning: Who are your IT managers and do they get enough opportunity to plan or under pressure from senior management they tend to think planning as a waste of time because they believe that time is better spent doing something rather than planning. Do you involve your project team in planning? Do they […]

The Value of Project Templates

We’re often asked “Why are templates so valuable” so we thought we’d answer the question in this Article. There are 5 reasons why managers and teams find templates so useful. They are as follows: They save you time On every new project, you have to fill-in documents to plan, track and report on the status […]

The Ten Commandments of Open Source

Update: To be fair, a great deal of inspiration for this post came from Ed “Funkatron” Finkler and his session at phpWorks 2008 Picachu pitch-at-ya peek-at-you lightning talk called “Users are Assholes” and later by Matthew Weier O’Phinney’s lightning talk called “How to get kicked off my Project.” Thanks for the fodder guys! On all […]

web2project v2.0 Release Notes

As of 29 June 2010, web2project v2.0 is officially released! You can download it from SourceForge now. Although this release had lots of bug fixes, the primary focus was on a few specific new features and major pieces of functionality. You can read the full v2.0 Release Notes, but in my opinion, the six most […]