The Key Elements to Managing Projects the Virtual Way

It is not enough to manage projects virtually, but to properly apply e-project management processes that result in less development time but with improved quality. This is about value and not just cutting costs, after all. Advancements in telecommunication are among the key movers of offshore outsourcing. Without it, back-office operations and application development outsourcing […]

Server Errors

My apologies if you've tried to use this site in the last couple weeks. Apparently Dreamhost's systems have been overloaded.. when I requested support, I was informed: “there are plenty of hosting company out there”. So I have some sites to move in the coming days. My apologies for the inconvenience. If you have suggestions, […]

Answering Some Flex Questions

In the past month or so, I've taught php|architect's “Rich Internet Applications with Flex & PHP“ a couple times. We cover a variety of topics ranging from the Data Connection Wizard to data binding to security to building visual components. Throughout the sessions, the students have asked some fantastic questions. In fact, some of the […]