5 Technologies to Turbo-Charge Project Efficiency

Keeping projects moving in any business can be a challenge, but with the help of technology, many of the traditional obstacles to efficiency can be overcome. Some of the roadblocks have always been to create well-laid out plans, transfer documents to multiple people for editing, meet deadlines, and finally, get the proper approvals to get […]

Sexism in the PHP Community

This blog post heavily quotes my occasional collaborator Cal Evans. The quotes are used with permission. The link to the original is at the bottom. Despite the problems with sexism in the tech community in general, the PHP community has had it pretty easy. While there are potentially a number of reasons, the founder of […]

Naming Conventions FTW

When we start projects, we often follow the naming conventions of our frameworks without even thinking about the “Why?” It almost seems silly to ask until you run into a – hopefully, legacy – codebase that has an incomplete or inconsistent scheme. Unfortunately, web2project is one of those codebases. For those just joining us, we […]