Tech Events Network

If you’ve found this page, you’re one of a handful of people I’ve briefed on the Tech Events Network (or TEN).

At it’s core, the TEN is how you learn what is going on in your community. Obviously, it’s not just any event but technology events as in things that are appropriate for developers, designers, people who work in tech, and those who are interested. That means you won’t see concerts, restaurants, or even job fairs posted.

Step One: Collect all the underlying information. I’m pulling event data from all over North America but looking for more/complete data sources.

Step Two: Broadcasting that information via appropriate channels:

  • The first choice is Twitter as I can experiment easily and figure out who the community leaders are. So far this is working, the smaller groups in my list are already seeing their average attendance increase, in limited cases double.
  • I’m looking at adding a “This Week in Tech Events” mailing list for each city in addition to Facebook updates and other ideas.
  • I think the most important will be to identify the events you’ve signed up (opted into) and remind you.
    • For example: At Twilio, I found that a text message with a useful bit – like parking info – a few hours before an event halved the no-show rate.

Step Three: Expand to new cities and begin again.

Step Four: Goto One.

Since this is 100% opt-in, you can join by following one of the accounts below and then spreading the word on events you like via Retweets and Likes.

For Step One, I’ve started with cities where I live, visit regularly, or have strong relationships in. There are others in the works but these are to prove the concept.

DFWTechEvents on Twitter
ATXTechEvents on Twitter