One Size Does Not Fit All

For those of you just joining us, CaseySoftware has specialized in integrating Open Source applications. As a result, we've been working with some of the best systems in terms of Project Management, Customer Relationship Management Systems, Content Management Systems, Issue Tracking Systems, and a variety of other systems. [We're biased towards dotProject, SugarCRM, and Mantis, […]

Skill Transitions Over Time

In case you missed this tidbit, from a while back from Tim Bray, you should check it out and come right back. Done reading? Good. I found the second graph by far the most interesting. It is another variation of the classic S-curve representing Innovators/Early Adopters/Late Adopters/etc, but this one maps all the different skills […]

Stovepipe Systems can be Good

Over the past 5-10 years, nearly every organization – private or public, small or large, commercial or non-profit – has developed their own little systems. Some are quite simple and are nothing more than an Excel spreadsheet with a few embedded financial calculations. Some are quite advanced and consist of ERP-like full blown desktop applications […]

dotProject / Mantis Sponsorship Announced

CaseySoftware is in the process of building a complete dotProject / Mantis integration. Not all the functionality from Mantis will be duplicated, but enough to perform the basic functionality (detailed in the Technical Specification below). We are using an identical model to that of the MS Project Importer where we will have a release candidate […]

Update Please Read

This is going to be the last post as “ceo”. In order to preserve a bit of anonymity, I originally started this persona. It has outlived it's usefulness. If you are interested in continuing to receive business-related items, please view the site map on the site. Thanks.

The Point of Conferences

For those of you who may be interested, I'll be attending the Power your Business with PHP conference in San Francisco next month. If you'll be there too or are close to the location, let me know via Keith @ Anyway, a few months back, I received an offer for a daypass to CFUnited: […]