dotProject / Mantis Sponsorship Announced

CaseySoftware is in the process of building a complete dotProject / Mantis integration. Not all the functionality from Mantis will be duplicated, but enough to perform the basic functionality (detailed in the Technical Specification below).

We are using an identical model to that of the MS Project Importer where we will have a release candidate distributed to all project sponsors in order to evaluate and get feedback. The interaction model will be based upon the Helpdesk model which allows for a pluggable backend currently supporting both the original Helpdesk and Eventum.

Targeted Timeline:
26 September: Sponsorship Begins
01 October : Begin Development of Phase 1
22 October : Release of RC1 to All Project Sponsors, Begin Comment Period
04 November : End of Comment Period
12 November : Release of v1.0

Non-sponsors will have access to the required code approximately 4-6 months after the Official Release. This will protect the investment and advantage of our sponsors for the duration.

For a complete specification, please read the white paper: available here.

In order to join the sponsorship, please visit our storefront.