Project Estimation

<em>While on the train heading to Paul Graham’s Startup School, I brought along quite a bit of reading material. I was hoping to sleep, but I was also hoping to catch up on some reading while I couldn’t be distracted with various tasking, email, etc, etc.</em> For example, the first thing I read was an […]

Zend/PHP Conference – Day 4

I'm writing this while sitting in the San Francisco airport about 8 hours after the conference ended. As always, previous coverage is available here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 2 – The People, Day 3, and Day 3 Part 2. This morning you could tell that people were feeling it. The audiences were much quieter […]

Zend/PHP Conference – Day 3

I'm writing this coverage of Day 3 (Thursday) during the tail end of Day 4 (Friday). Previous coverage is available here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 2 – The People, and Day 3. Update: A new and improved version of this post is available here. I'd recommend reading that one as the information and detail […]

Zend/PHP Conference – Day 1

This week I'm attending the Zend/PHP Conference & Expo in San Francisco and I thought I'd share some notes on the initial presentations. The first day (18 Oct) was made up of 3 hour long tutorials. I went to XML, Web Services and PHP (SOAP & REST) by a smart guy named Christian Wenz. The […]