Short Blogging Break

Due to all the activity over the next week, blogging is likely to be light around here. For those who are interested, here is the itinerary. If you happen to be at one of these events, let me know and we could meet up. 14 Oct: Personal Business 15 Oct: Paul Graham's Startup School in […]

What is the Domino Bridge?

Wow, things at CaseySoftware have been expanding and growing in ways I never quite expected. Starting on 02 May, we started offering our first official product: dotProject Hosting. In the meantime, we've been bootstrapping and supplementing this effort by building numerous customizations and modules for dotProject and various integrations and expansions of other Open Source […]

The Many Hat Game – Task Management

On any given day, I could wear a variety of different hats for different customers. Depending on the customer, I serve as a Project Manager, Team Leader, Enterprise Architect, Software Developer, Technical Analyst, Tester, and even Chief Technology Officer. The danger that I always face is knowing when and how to switch gears and managing […]

Requirements Gathering : Why Context Matters

In the September/October issue of IEEE Software, I came across an article titled “Why Context Matters” which gets to the difference between functional and non-functional requirements and how the two interact and are interdependent. Functional requirements are normally taken to be those hard and fast rules like “the speedometer must accurately report speed to the […]