MS Project to dotProject Importer Released

Even more important update:  All further development of this module will be on web2project.  web2project is a fork of dotProject focused on improving performance and security.  In addition, we've made some major improvements on the UI.  Check it out. Well, it's official. The MS Project to dotProject Importer is released. This is released under GPL'd […]

XML in the Real World

I recently received a survery from and thought I'd share some of the information here. As my regular readers know, I use XML on a regular basis in a variety of ways, but I'm not sold on it being the Silver Bullet as some people seem to think. The most striking question of the […]

Book Review: PMD Applied

A few weeks ago, Tom Copeland author of PMD Applied was nice enough to give me some time for an interview on CodeSnipers. I figured the least I could do is give him and the community some feedback on his book. Read on for details. Once upon a time, I was involved in a rather […]

Mismatched Requirements

Yesterday, I received an RFP through a business associate of mine. The RFP was looking for something right up our (CaseySoftware and the associate's) alley, so I let her know that we were interested and started skimming the requirements. What I founded was simply amazing. First, this organization wanted a set of applications that fit […]

News: Slingdot Goes Live

Disclaimer: Updated Feb 2008 – Other than this single post, there is no association whatsoever between CaseySoftware and Slingdot. Please do not contact us about them. We don't know anything and won't know anything. If you have a complaint with them, please take it up with them. Thank you. ~ keith An acquaintence of mine […]