MS Project to dotProject Importer Released

Even more important update:
  All further development of this module will be on web2project.  web2project is a fork of dotProject focused on improving performance and security.  In addition, we've made some major improvements on the UI.  Check it out.

Well, it's official. The MS Project to dotProject Importer is released.

This is released under GPL'd v2 which means there is no warranty expressed or implied. It is considered functionally complete as described by all customers. There are no known issues at this time, but it is strongly encouraged that you deploy this module on a test instance of your system prior to production use. During development, I failed to do this and it was painful, just trust me here. The code itself is simply an extension of the Backup module and can be installed using the same method.

If you are looking for further support, development, or just want to thank us for this contribution, please feel free to contact me via keith @ caseysoftware