Is Microsoft our Enemy?

In the various Open Source communities in which I participate, Microsoft is always taken as this large looming figure lurking and waiting. Or its portrayed as this enemy at the gates – not pun intended – waiting to get in and destroy us all. As Tom Adelstein pointed out over the weekend: Indulge if you […]

Roll Your Own PHP Manual

One of the single best things and single worst things about PHP is the PHP Manual. It's complete, is always up to date, specifies when commands became available, and has a huge amount of commentary and tips spanning the past few years. Quite often I get more from the comments than the actual entry… There […]

dotProject and PHP5

Everything stated in this post is the personal opinion of Keith Casey, CEO of CaseySoftware, LLC and should not be taken to represent the position of the dotProject Team or the dotProject Roadmap. With that out of the way…. With the PHP4 End of Life announced recently, the GoPHP5 group has gotten a huge boost. […]

Open Source Intelligence: LinkedIn

The term "Open Source Intelligence" comes from the concept of using public (open) sources to gather information instead of clandestine sources. While it's common for governments and large companies to do this, small companies usually don't. It can be a time-consuming process and therefore not a good fit for a small company… unless you find […]

Organizing Your Information

Most mISV's don't need to worry about these aspects. When you're only one person, a great big file or a whiteboard or any number of other tools can probably fit your needs. But once you add a second person or a second project/product, it gets that much more complicated. Now your mnemonics and half-notes aren't […]

BarCampDC 2007 – Part 2

This coverage of BarCampDC is Part 2 of 2. For coverage of the morning sessions, check out BarCampDC 2007 – Part 1. Update:  Some of the presentations are available on the BarCampDC Wiki. The first session after lunch (fifth overall) was a joint session between Jackson Wilkinson (pictured left) of Viget Labs and me (pictured […]

BarCampDC 2007 – Part 1

My coverage of BarCampDC turned into an incredibly long post so I've split it into two with the first today and the second part tomorrow. Once the wiki has more of the presentation notes, I'll link directly to each of them. Stay tuned. Update: Added pictures of presenters. Update 2:  Some of the presentations are […]