What are you measuring?

This comic is included to demonstrate a point. No ownership, permission, etc should be inferred. It was modified from its original form (horizontal to vertical) to fit this space. If you're not already reading Dilbert on a daily basis, you can find it here or even read Scott Adam's blog here. Over the past four […]

The Status of the Mobile Web

You're probably saying to yourself "But Keith, what do you know about the mobile web (WAP)? Don't you just do stuff with Drupal, dotProject, etc?" Well, not quite… In the past couple years, the mobile web – aka web on your phone aka WAP- has actually started to become… well, useful. Don't worry, I'm as […]

Mobile Web Bubble?

I have a larger article coming on this topic tomorrow but after catching Dvorak's column on Bubble 2.0 Coming Soon, I had to say something. While I have been concerned about another Bubble/Bust since 2005 or so – and have been planning accordingly – I think he's horribly wrong on a couple fronts… but here's […]

Submitting a Bug Report

One of the single most important things for a software company is getting useful bug reports. If you’ve ever gotten a message consisting of “it doesn’t work” or “it’s broken”, you know how completely useless it is. In fact, it’s not just useless, it’s worse. Now you have to ask all of the standard follow […]

A New Shopping Cart Option?

In the micro-ISV space – and even within the PHP community, one of the questions I see over and over again is: Which shopping cart is best? Everyone has heard of osCommerce, its long-ago forked child ZenCart, the commercial XCart, and a few of us – like CaseySoftware – use Drupal's E-Commerce module. But almost […]