Risk Management Notes

Overview: Risk management is a key, if under-appreciated, part of project management. Managing things that you’ve mapped out thoroughly and understand in detail is challenging at times, a science in its own right. However, a knack for managing unknowns elevates your work to the level of art. Every professional Project Manager understands the triple constraints […]

Interview: Keith Casey at SXSW 2009

At South by Southwest a couple weeks ago, I ran into friend and movie producer* Steve Fisher of Network Solutions' Solutions are Power blog. He cornered me outside the Bloggers' Longue – aka where the free coffee was hidden – and asked questions ranging from “what is Blue Parabola?” to “why PHP?” to “how should […]

SXSW 2009 Recap

You've probably already read 28 different recaps of SXSW 2009, but one more isn't going to hurt you… This was my first year at South by Southwest.  Not only was an opportunity to connect up with new people both socially and professionally, but it was finally a chance to get people off my back for […]

Cracking A Thick Shell…

A couple years ago, I read an article from Eric Sink called "How would you reach YOU?" and a recent conversation reminded me of it.  A friend recently sent me a soft pitch on a project/idea that he was contemplating.  He was in the early "please burst my bubble!" stage.  While I thought the product […]

DCPHP.net Launches!

In the last few years, the DC Tech Community has undergone a number of changes.  One of the most dramatic has been how we've moved from completely disconnected handfuls of people here and there to a real community.  We have designers, developers, marketers, a handful of lawyers which – I firmly believe – we need […]

DrupalConDC 2009 Recap

After a few days of recovering and cleanup, here are my notes, thoughts, and analysis of DrupalConDC 2009.  Everything here should be taken as my opinion and not reflecting the position of Blue Parabola, LLC… except where I'm right.  😉 The Good… Honestly, there were so many things good about this conference, that I had […]