web2project Status Update: Wikipedia Setback

This is the third weekly update on the status of web2project development. Don't worry, these should only come out on Tuesdays which works well since I do most of my review, updates, and development on Sundays. I have a few goals in doing this: First, it should help the community stay up to date. Second, it will let people know the project exists and some interesting details about it. Finally, it will apply a bit of friendly peer pressure to make sure I have something to talk about. These will all be tagged with the category "web2project" and the corresponding feed is available here

Between attending SXSW and other chaos, I've been remiss the past ten days or so in not getting updates out as planned… so away we go.

First, we've had four commits.  While that doesn't seem like much, every single one has been resolving an issue that has been submitted either via our web2project bug tracker (prefered!) or the web2project forums.  Three of those issues were submitted by the community and not by core members… but even better, the community suggested or supplied fixes for all but one of them.  While we don't have a huge community yet, we are gathering a solid group including Eureka and MlaHaak who are sharing their results.

Next, we have six open issues.  While this is a significant increase over the two we had previously, they are each minor and should be resolved in the next few days.  If you find issues or have suggestions/feature requests, please file them so we can get them into the appropriate release asap.

Next, we've had a major contribution from Eureka related to multi-language support.  It's a big one, so it hasn't all been merged, but it's on the agenda to happen shortly.  Any review, thoughts, or improvements to it would be greatly appreciated.

Finally, we've had a minor setback in outreach.  Some in our community added web2project to wikipedia but due to the fact that we have not had a v1.0 release and there were few third party reviews/discussions of it, we were deleted for being "non-notable".  If you are using – or considering using – web2project, please considering writing a review of your experience.  If you're writing a review, please know that positive feedback and criticism are both welcome.  In fact, the criticism might be more important so we can make the system better.

I make only one request… if you write a review – especially if it is critical – drop me an email so I can evaluate, respond, and note what we can do better.  I do not want to censor any review, I just want know that it's out there.