Code Review Post Mortem

At last month's DCPHP meeting, we did our first Code Review.  I wasn't sure how it would go or even if anyone would participate but when I put out the call for code samples, one of our long-time and respected members stepped up.  He provided us with a nice little ~100 line PHP class that […]

CodeWorks 2009 – Countdown

In just over two weeks, I'll be packing up to head to locations west for the first CodeWorks Conference Tour.  If you haven't followed along so far, CodeWorks is a little different than most conferences. First, there's the format.  Instead of the normal “you come to us” thing, we're coming to you.  Codeworks is a […]

Project Importer 3.1 – Release

The Project Importer is available for web2project! Update:Unfortunately, the v3.1 release was a bit botched. Due to some odd permissions circumstances, it was possible to run through the import process and not actually import anything. Obviously, that makes the module decorative as opposed to useful. A v3.2 release has already been prepared on the downloads […]