Project Importer 3.1 – Release

The Project Importer is available for web2project!

Update:Unfortunately, the v3.1 release was a bit botched. Due to some odd permissions circumstances, it was possible to run through the import process and not actually import anything. Obviously, that makes the module decorative as opposed to useful. A v3.2 release has already been prepared on the downloads page.

Release Notes:

  • Simplified the permissions checking to only check for “project add” privileges;
  • Removed the poorly implemented translation files to take advantage of the reworked translation handler in web2project v1.1;
  • Simplified the View to use a case statement instead of nested if’s.  The code isn’t shorter, but it’s quite a bit clearer;
  • General clean up to use core web2project functionality as opposed to using custom code, it isn’t complete;

This release can be downloaded here: Project Importer v3.1