An uncompromising focus on the Customer

In my post printed here on the 21st of January I referred to the 7 Keys to Successful Improvement Projects. The first key is to have an uncompromising focus on the Customer. We hear it a lot don’t we? Companies promising in their advertising that that they consider the customer their first priority, stressing that they are always listening to the customers needs. Sadly, this is not always our customer experience.

The challenge is to turn that experience around in our own companies, and project improvements.
Recognise that one of most important keys to sustaining successful change is valuing your customer. You can change the way you do things, you can change your structure, but if it doesn’t change how you support your customer then it probably isn’t a change worth making. When improving operations, organisations tend to look for four opportunities:
Eliminate waste
Reduce variation
Grow the customer base
Improve the value provided to the customer.
Whilst a good list, it fails to recognize that improving value to the customer is the first priority; the other improvements can follow.
Practical tips on improving value to the customer are discussed in my newsletter, Silver Bullet. Follow the link to Refer particularly to my article titled “Striving toward having the best business culture in the world”.

I’d be interested on hearing your views.
In my next post, I’ll discuss the 2nd key to successful improvement projects: Senior Sponsor Support.

Dan Jackson Head Coach at 7SIM
Head Coach at 7SIM