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After nearly ten years, the Project Management Blog is no more. I simply didn't have the time or energy to keep it running by recruiting and working with writers and I personally had moved onto Product Management. Regardless, none of that content has disappeared. It is all available here under the "Project Management Blog" user or under the Project Management topic tag.

A Quick Analysis

Over the weekend, I was discussing a couple projects with the highly esteemed Nola who happens to work with me over at CaseySoftware and a regular contributor to CodeSnipers. She was putting together an estimate for a company on a complete site redesign and functionality upgrade and was having problems putting together a solid estimate. […]

Project Management Information

In order to build this site into an open clearing house on Project Management related information, I’m putting out an open call: If you know of *any* great sources on Project Management – books, websites, people, newsletters, magazines, etc – please let me know. I have just activated the Technorati and aggregators which will […]

What Project Management Is

Yesterday, I offered some points about What Project Management is Not and I promised to tell you what Project Management Is… and away we go: Project Management is a seatbelt. Just like a seatbelt, a good set of Project Management practices and a good plan won’t do much if you’re caught in a catastrophic situation. […]

What Project Management is Not

Project Management is Not a Silver Bullet. Project Management will not ensure success. It will not make you finish the project early, to spec, under cost, and appease all your customers. Sure, all these things can happen, but Project Management tools, practices, etc, etc only allow these possibilities, they do not guarantee them. Project Management […]

Connecting Project Managers…

The motto of this site is “Connecting Developers, Building Worlds”. I came up with that while I was sitting in a hotel room far from home trying to get my main blog off the ground. I originally wrote it thinking of what my goals are with web2Project. I believe that one of the fundamental reasons […]

Hello world!

Greetings and Welcome. The goal of this site is to provide a one-stop-shop for project management news and views. In order to do that, we need contributors like you to add to the conversation. If there are books, tools, systems, or concepts that aren’t getting enough attention on the site, consider signing up and writing […]