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After nearly ten years, the Project Management Blog is no more. I simply didn't have the time or energy to keep it running by recruiting and working with writers and I personally had moved onto Product Management. Regardless, none of that content has disappeared. It is all available here under the "Project Management Blog" user or under the Project Management topic tag.

Chaotic Project Management, part 1

I always thought that writing a good spec before programming is mandatory. I like short but frequent discussions where a project spec is being written. I found out that having a spec (Agile, or not) is something mandatory. Ever since I understood I have to demand a spec from the customer, even if I have […]

Limitations of PM Software

No one can doubt that project management software is a great tool to help PMs save a significant amount of time. However, “the tremendous power of project management software can lull young project manager into a false sense of security” (Heerkens, 2002, p 138). As every other software, applications like MS Project are just tools; […]

Project Estimation

<em>While on the train heading to Paul Graham’s Startup School, I brought along quite a bit of reading material. I was hoping to sleep, but I was also hoping to catch up on some reading while I couldn’t be distracted with various tasking, email, etc, etc.</em> For example, the first thing I read was an […]

Requirements Gathering : Why Context Matters

In the September/October issue of IEEE Software, I came across an article titled “Why Context Matters” which gets to the difference between functional and non-functional requirements and how the two interact and are interdependent. Functional requirements are normally taken to be those hard and fast rules like “the speedometer must accurately report speed to the […]

do you nickel and dime your clients?

Getting paid can be a stressful thing, and can make some web developers/professionals do things that lack judgement. Here’s an example: I referred a videographer to a colleague of mine recently, to shoot a commercial for him. The videographer did a good quality job with the shoot. But then he started demanding payment—after two days […]

How to get your first client

Here a a few ideas for those of you looking to get your first client, although these ideas apply to anyone at just about any stage of development: 1. Write down the names of everyone you know, everyone. You should be able to get a list of 100 people. Use some techniques to jog your […]

Becoming a project manager

This being my first entry to the project management blog I want to introduce myself. I have 10 years of professional software development and programming experience but I am relatively new to actually perform project management – closing in on two years. In my blog entries I will try to share some of the experiences […]

Meetings considered harmful

There is an old saying in software development about how the only bug free line of code is the one you don’t write. While this may sound pessimistic, the motivation is to curb a developer’s urge to over engineer a solution. When it comes to Project Management, do we have a corollary to this wisdom? […]