Blog Roll Update

In the past 16 months or so since the Blog Roll here and on CodeSnipers was compiled, this space and the ecosystem in which we work has changed quite a bit… numerous people have dropped out or joined the conversation, new tools and technologies are steadily gaining prominence, and most importantly CaseySoftware has grown in new and unexpected directions.  Towards that goal, I've rebuilt the entire list from the ground up to better represent the direction of CaseySoftware over the last year.  If the person is not read regularly, they're not on this list… and if the tool is not used regularly – most of them daily – it's not on this list.

But probably the most interesting links of all are hiding near the bottom… our Projects/Partners. Some projects are complete, some are ongoing, others are just getting started but they all involved CaseySoftware in specific tangible ways. We're not exactly the passive types. 😉

And yes, they will be moved to a portfolio page shortly.. along with a number of other projects becoming public soon.