Blogging: Do as I Say, Not as I do!

In the past few years since CaseySoftware was founded, I've had the opportunity to work with companies ranging from small one-man shops just getting off the ground to numerous Fortune 500 companies. We've provided project management support, tools, and quite a bit of custom development. During this time, I've never portrayed CaseySoftware as an “internet strategy” or “marketing communications” company and never tried to. We have the technical skills and the deep community experience and instead, I've had the opportunity to work with numerous companies who have… unfortunately, I've noticed a common thread.

They put together “internet strategies” for their customers which rely heavily on content, search engine optimization, and improved site design/navigation. I fully agree that all three of these are important pillars to a successful and useful presence on the internet. Two will help your customers find you and two will let them learn about you and your organization. Conveniently enough, two of the three points are immediately translated to blogging as most mISV's know and live by. They recommend blogging, sing its virtues, describe how it can make a huge difference for your business and yet they have never done it themselves.

No, I'm not kidding. Many of these “internet strategy” companies don't blog.

If someone practiced medicine with out a license, they would be arrested. If a 13-year-old recommended reworking your business practices, they would be laughed at. Yet for some reason, these companies are still taken seriously. It is both irresponsible and reprehensible and I personally believe that this is about as close to “internet malfeasance” as you can get. (deep breath)

If you're reading this… please. Check out your “strategy” company. See if they're are doing what they recommend. If they aren't, ask them why. In fact, demand to know why their recommendations are so important for their customers but so irrelevant to themselves. Food for thought…