Carnival of the Capitalists – 13 Nov 2006

Welcome to the November 13, 2006 edition of carnival of the capitalists. This week I ended up trying something new… the crew over at Blog Carnival have some nifty tools to get things rolling a bit faster. We'll see how it goes.

Anyway, welcome to CaseySoftware a major contributor and supporter of the Open Source community, PHP, dotProject and software development in general. Since this is a technology blog…


Barry Welford presents 100 Million Websites – How Many To Go? posted at StayGoLinks, saying, “Jakob Nielsen points out that the Internet has now 'slowed down' to a mature growth rate of 25% per year. What seems to be unknown is how this growth rate splits between the Mobile Web and the regular Web.”

savingadvice presents What It Takes To Make Money On The Internet posted at Personal Finance Advice, saying, “A list of traits and skills that is helpful for the average person to have to make money on the Internet – not your typical make money from the Internet list”.


Mister Juggles presents Piganol, the Pork Based Renewable Fuel Source posted at Long or Short Capital. I don't think this one will catch on in the Middle East.

Avant News presents Wider Panama Canal Makes Room for Airbus A380 posted at Avant News made a special trip to 2014 just to cover the completion of the Panama Canal widening project. Hey, can I come next time?

Market Poetry presents Whole Revenge posted at Market Poetry, gives an ode to the markets… and one specific market.

Stocks & Markets:

Y. Ng presents Banker notes: Thoughts on Telecom – still a good buy? posted at Banker Notes raises some issues with investing on Telecom and whether it makes sense anymore.

Tom Hanna presents The Week Ahead: Your Financial Roadmap posted at Financial Options, shares some major and minor events that may be important to your financial calendar.

Marketing & Strategy:

TamsPalm-the Palm OS Blog gives us The latest Binary Clock banner ad – totally different describes Tam's experience marketing and advertising to a specific niche.

Laurie Bluedorn presents Homeschool Buy Dot Com posted at PRMama announces a new site for homeschoolers to buy and sell teacher guides.

Brandon Peele presents What the Media Industry Tells Us About Business Strategy and Our Lives posted at GT shares some thoughts and stories of business strategies, good and bad.

A Samuel presents The Kendra Todd winner of The Apprentice Season 3 Podcast posted at gives us some tips and thoughts that prepared her for The Apprentice and what she took from the experience.

Scott presents At Lennar Everything’s Included … Except Everything Else posted at Scott, saying, “When you mislead consumers in a cpaitalist system you pay the price.”

Peter Kua presents Innovative marketing: Financial Planning renovated posted at which shows the dramatic shift happening in insurance marketing.

Small Business:

Christopher J. Brunner presents Revitalize Your Stagnant Business » The Small Business Buzz posted at The Small Business Buzz, with strategies and suggestions for getting the momentum going again in your small business and life.

Brandon Peele presents 21st Century Enterprise: For-Benefit Business 101 posted at GT shares a step by step on the reasons and needs to get started.

Slow Leadership gives us When Sh*t Happens on how to deal with problems when… 'nuf said.

Personal Finance:

Dan Melson presents From How Much You Make to A Payment You Can Afford posted at Searchlight Crusade. Dan is one of my favorite non-tech bloggers for a variety of reasons… if for nothing else, he answered my many questions last year when I was preparing to buy my condo. His advice, thoughts, and perspective are top-notch.

Christopher J. Brunner presents Why Trump & Kiyosaki Want Us to Be Rich posted at The Small Business Buzz, shares some thoughts on this new book and its thesis.

nickel presents Undoing Roth IRA Contribution Mistakes posted at

Nina Smith presents The Price of The Good Life posted at Queercents, saying, “A better life. But at what price? And is the risk worth the reward? All this prompted by my meeting with a contractor on his flight home from Iraq.”

FMF presents Should You Contribute to a Non-Deductible IRA? posted at Free Money Finance, saying, “Addresses the issue of whether or not you should contribute to a non-deductible IRA.”

Manamagement – People and Principles:

David Maister's Passion, People and Principles presents Passion, People and Principles gives some thougts and simple tips on the practices of good managers.

Wayne Hurlbert from Blog Business World gives us Blog introductions: Sharing those you know which describes some ways to better connect others through your blog.

Management – Day to Day:

Pawel Brodzinski presents Subcontractors: Pros and Cons posted at Software Project Management, saying, “Subcontracting in IT projects became quite popular. There're however many factors which tell you if it's reasonable to have subcontractor in your projects. Here are the most important ones for both both sides.”

Big Picture Guy presents Body Parts posted at Big Picture, Small Office, saying, “Carrie is Victorian parlor pretty. She may also be paranoid. Either way, sexism is at the center of controversies surrounding this sales rep.”

On the Horizon:

Photon Courier presents The Butanol Alternative which lays out some interesting developments on their way…

Economics 101 Theories in Practice:

Byrne's Marketview presents The Case of the Adversely-Selected Healthcare Lemons and demonstrates once again why Krugman, et al should be allowed to run their own finances, let alone anyone else's.

Henry Stern presents Of Insurance Companies and Morality posted at InsureBlog, saying, “SUMMARY: InsureBlog's Henry Stern asks if insurance companies are immoral. The answer may surprise you, and the comments (more than 80!) enlighten you.”

John Bambenek presents Lights Out: How Freezing Electricity Rates Will Cripple Illinois' Electrical System posted at Part-Time Pundit, saying, “Price caps on electricity are due to expire in Illinois. Politicians are scrambling to keep the price caps… here is why they should expire.”

Political/Govt Policy:

Jeff Cornwallanother one of my personal favorites – asks What Does the Election Mean for Entrepreneurs? and then begins to craft an answer. Unfortunately, only time will tell. presents Economic Stances of the Likely and Declared 2008 Presidential Candidates

How to Change the Worldone of my personal favorite blogs – presents Counterpoint: Patents and Defensibility takes notes and thoughts from a few patent attorney friends who were a little ticked with him…

John Buehler presents Rebuilding Eden – The 3rd Channel » Speed Kills posted at Rebuilding Eden shares some thoughts on adjusting our economic and societial thoughts more long-term.

Frugal presents California Prop 87 was voted down posted at 1stmillionat33, saying, “Summary: A surprising vote down on Prop 87.”

Sox First shares some thoughts on Climate Change Business and discusses some of the risks and benefits.

Joe Kristan presents Bloggers on Tax Policy in a Democrat-Controlled Congress posted at Tax Update Blog, saying, “Blogger expectations of tax policy in the incoming Congress. some high hopes, but mostly low expectations.”

Well, that's it for this week. Hopefully, you've learned, laughed at those who have tried to ignore econ 101, and cried to find out that some of them are now in charge… Submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of the capitalists using carnival submission form.

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