CoderFaire Atlanta 2013

Next week I’m headed down to sunny Atlanta to speak at the second CoderFaire. It’s a two day event giving people the opportunity to connect across technology communities to learn new stuff and create fun things.

That’s the cool thing about CoderFaire. Unlike the PHP events or the .Net events or all the other language/technology-specific events that happen out there, this one is truly and completely across technologies.

When I attended the first one last fall in Nashville, it was 200+ attendees from across the technology and industry spectrum. You had Ruby hackers hanging out with a few corporate .Net types talking with Perl summoners.

The event itself is two days split along the ideas of Principles and Practice. The first day is regular conference sessions with people from Mailchimp talking Mysql scaling, New Relic talking performance, myself representing Twilio on REST Best Practices, and a flock of other sessions including PhoneGap, MongoDB, and Django. The second day is a hackathon where you can put the ideas into practice. Think of it as a way to play with those toys and tools that have been on your todo list for months.

If you’re in or around Altanta next week, come join us. At $50 a ticket, you’re not going to find a better deal anywhere.

I also happen to know a good number of companies are there hiring..