CodeWorks 2010

You've probably already read about it in 38 other places, but I figured I should announce the news here:

We are doing another CodeWorks tour.

This time around we've simplified the whole thing. The team is smaller. The format is simpler. And we're limiting the cities a bit more. We have four people doing 6 presentations on one track across five cities in a span of 10 days. If you've ever been to a tech conference, you know how much effort it can be. So our pitch is simple:

You will hear talks from Keith Casey, Ryan Stewart, Cal Evans, and Marco Tabini. In all, six great talks for only $100*. No travel lines, no TSA agents, no lost luggage, no bad hotel food, just a solid day of learning and you get to sleep in your own bed at night.

* If you buy a ticket before 30 September, it's only $75.

Of course, somewhere along the way, I drew the short straw. Not only do you have to listen to me, but you have to listen to me twice. And if that wasn't bad enough, I get the opening presentation in every city. Luckily, it's a subject that I know backwards and forwards.. Unit Testing Strategies:

High Code Coverage through extensive Unit Testing is the Holy Grail in software development. Theoretically, it would create an environment where the code could be debugged, re-factored, and extended while keeping a stable and overall clean system. Unfortunately, this is about as elusive as the Holy Grail. This session will cover some easy ways to triage your project and figure out which tests can be the most useful right now.

And then I get the first session after lunch in A hundred thousand users.. now what?

You’ve launched your site, got the buzz, and then it crashed. It came back up, but now it’s crawling. Your boss is upset, his boss is yelling, and your customers are looking at your competitors. This session will cover how to make sure your app is ready to scale and some optimizations to get you there.

This isn't the sort of Digg-sized scaling presentation you might see from Eli White or one of the other Masters of Scaling. As powerful as those presentations are, they deal with a level of traffic and data that most of us will never see. We need an approach that fits the scale – and the budget – of the rest of us.

Come join us in the city closest to you:

And just in case you'd like to help with sales, we have an affiliates program..

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