Craigslist + Google Maps = Something Pretty Cool

For those of you who haven't realized it yet, I'm a geek who respects a clever hack. Here's the definition if you're a bit out of the loop. And I don't mean the last one.

Some of the clever hacks I have seen range from Do It Yourself light controllers, home automation, integration of software, but now I've seen one of the cooler things out there. Someone integrated Craigslist's home rental/sales listings with Google maps in order to create a detailed map of many urban areas that actually shows the Craigslist listings in realtime.

Here's the link:

I have to admit that it's pretty impressive and demonstrates what innovations happens at the endpoints when you have a relatively dumb network in between. I honestly can't tell you how much work, effort, or thought went into this, but I can guarantee that the Google and Craigslist people were not involved.

Now, the question is.. will real estate agents get smart and try to hire this guy? Imagine if you went into a real estate office and they had this on the screen marking all their listings? It's a 21st century push pin map.