DC PHP Developers List

Due to the benevolence of the generous people at Tux.org, the DC PHP Developers List has moved from its former home at Yahoo Groups. We've had a great run there, but one of our top priorities is to connect with the rest of the Washington DC Open Source Community. Therefore, moving our mailing list to Tux.org – an organization formed to promote and educate the public Open Source software – made quite a bit of sense. Tux.org hosts many mailing lists for the local Linux Users' Groups, Linux PVR, and even a Mid-Atlantic Jobs List.

Our two lists are:

DC PHP Dev and DC PHP Announce. The developers list is for general discussion, questions, comments, and other things related to PHP. The announce list is for announcing upcoming events, meetings, conferences, and special things happening in our community.

Join, discuss, learn, teach, and enjoy.