DC Tech Group Roundup

Wow, things have been moving quickly since BarCampDC last month (coverage: Part 1, Part 2). I can't share all the details yet, but I did want to share about the various groups I've learned about. In rough chronological order….

First, there's the Open Coffee Club. This meeting is a little different than most I've attended. There is no presentation or agenda, it's more of a Show and Tell and Networking session without a focus on any particular technology. I've only been to one of these so far, but I think it has the potential to serve as motivation for developers to have something to show off each time around. This group meets every other Friday at 9am in Reston and the next event is 14 Sept 2007 – is listed here.

Next, we have RefreshDC. If you missed BarCampDC, this is where most of the regulars hang out. There are some amazing designers and technologists hiding in and around this one which is obvious by the previous topics. If you're looking for cutting edge designs and pushing the limits, this would be my bet. This group meets about once a month in Alexandria and the next meeting is 20 Sept 2007. I hope to make the October meeting.

Next, we have the DCPHP Beverage Subgroup. I'm a bit biased on this one as I organize it as a complement to the DCPHP Developers Group. This one is not presentation based and serves more as a place to vent, share thoughts, and ponder the deeper meanings of life. This one is the fourth Tuesday of each month and somewhere near the Courthouse or Clarendon Metros in Arlington. The next meeting is 25 Sept 2007 at Liberty Tavern. There's also the 2007 DCPHP Conference in early November, more on that later.

Next, we have the DC Startup Weekend next month (26 – 28 Oct 2007). This is event where developers, business types, and others come together and work to build a new company in a mad 48 hour sprint. I'm looking forward to this one but it may be trumped by other events… Unfortunately, tickets are sold out, but it should be fascinating to see how it actually works.

Finally, if you want to stay up to date on these groups and any others that spring up, there's the DC Technology Network hosted at Ning. Most of the organizers and active members of these various groups are active there too, so you have a one-stop shop to find out what is going on where. There is already discussion about getting together a reading club for some less technical discussions.