District of Corruption – Radio Podcast Show

Unless you're in the DC Social Media scene, you might have missed the kickoff of the new podcast radio show: District of Corruption hosted by Geoff Livingston and my colleage and occasional mutual provoker Aaron Brazell.

Every Tuesday at 4pm EST, Aaron and Geoff take 30 minutes to hit some of the major social media topics for the week, poke at some of the more annoying players out there, and take feedback and comments from their callers. While they claim a focus on the DC Metro, they tend to hit the core principles and use local organizations as their examples. Whether you're a DC local or not, if you're interested in Social Media, you'll find something of interest.

While the first episode was a little rough and disorganized, the second episode started to show some of the polish and flow I've learned to expect from these two. This week (22 January) will be their third episode and I expect it to be even better as they figure things out and have fun with it.

If you have 30 minutes open, listen in, call in (646.378.1677), and join in the chat.