do you nickel and dime your clients?

Getting paid can be a stressful thing, and can make some web developers/professionals do things that lack judgement.

Here’s an example:

I referred a videographer to a colleague of mine recently, to shoot a commercial for him. The videographer did a good quality job with the shoot.

But then he started demanding payment—after two days after the shoot. Now he won’t finish editing until he is paid.

Meanwhile, the client works with a $100 million corporation known for paying on time. But he can’t pay for 30 days, as is customary.

But the client will never hire the videographer again, because of his approach to collecting his money. And I look like an idiot for referring this guy to him—even though my experience has been more positive.

What should have happened here is:

– The videographer should have specified his payment terms up front as part of a written contract. Part of that contract should have included a clause for 25-50% paid up front before the shoot, Y% immediately after the shoot, and Z% after final delivery.

– The videographer should have been more professional and patient in insisting on payment. Two days is not a big deal. (I suspect that the videographer has been burned before, and so gets a bit paranoid about payment).

If you have had times when you want to react with emotion/fear/anger about payment, please first be sure that you have acted professionally to protect yourself and communicate with your client.

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