Drinking from a Fire Hose

In the three weeks since CaseySoftware.com has gone fullstream, quite a bit has happened some good, some bad:

  • traffic to the site is up significantly;
  • our core keywords of dotProject, SugarCRM, Mantis, and (lesser so) phpBB are propelling us into the top few entries on Google, Yahoo, and the other search engines;
  • we've fallen horribly behind on our dotProject/Mantis integration even after working 50+ hour weeks;
  • the plan to begin hosting dotProject has been delayed;
  • and we've been contacted on nearly a daily basis for new projects – most have come entirely via word of mouth from existing clients.

But there's something more important going on here…

We are tracking all of our opportunities in SugarCRM – obviously – and we're getting to the point where there will have to be decisions made on which contracts to take and which to not bother with. Just to get to this point, projects are reviewed to ensure that they are worth the time, but this will further prioritize within there.

Regardless, it appears that revenues are up by nearly 75% in the last month…

As a result of these factors, we are bringing on our first outside person (ie. non-founder) to help with the workload. It will be incredibly useful having a second person on staff and the risks involved are well-known by everyone in the industry. The person was carefully selected and he and his work were already known to all the relevant participants.