Katrina Blame Game Aftermath

I try to be as a-political on this blog as I can possibly be, but there is one thing about the blame game that's starting to bug me. I just sent this to a respected friend and thought it should be said out loud:

I still say that it starts at the local level. Look at 9-11, did you see everyone buying their “FEMA” shirts and hats? Did you see how people honored the FEMA paper-pushers?

No. You saw people honoring the men and women of the NYPD, the NYFD, the Pentagon, and the other first responders – by profession or not – on the ground and on Flight 93 who worked to save the lives of complete strangers, support the grieving, and keep each other going.

Keep comparing Katrina to 9-11 if you want, but keep this in mind.