MS Project to dotProject Importer – Update

Update 10 May 2007: For the latest release, please read this item.
Yes, you've read that correctly. After the initial successful release of the MS Project Importer last winter, we went deep into the bowels of the code and have done a major cleanup.

Some of this code comes from the very generous and highly esteemed Thomas Zander who turned the Importer into its own module and passed the code back to me. After looking into it, I agreed with him that it does make sense to be separate from the standard Backup module due to its standard usage. In addition to his improvements, I have added permissions to ensure you can control who has access to it and implemented company filtering based on permissions.
You can download it here:

Update: v1.2 can be downloaded here

This is released under GPL v2 which means there is no warranty expressed or implied. It is considered functionally complete as described by all customers from nearly 10 months of production usage.

There are two is one known issue at this time:

  • First, this module has been validated to work with dotProject v2.0.4 and no other version. If you are using any version prior to this, please upgrade as soon as possible to address various security, usability, and functionality issues. If you are using HEAD, a version is on the way, please be patient with us.
  • All user assignments default to 100%. This is due to the obtuse way in which allocations and durations are stored within Microsoft Project's xml. If you have insight or recommendations to assist with this, please contact us.

It is strongly encouraged that you deploy this module on a test instance of your system prior to production use.