My Third Blogiversary

On a personal note… 

It was three years ago this evening that I started blogging.  It's funny to go back and read that post: is Online.  I was traveling for a deadend job, was getting more enmeshed in a deadend without a hope of escaping.  I started this site and this blog to pave the way to better things and had to blog under the super-creative pseudonyms "KC" and "CEO".  So silly.  While it prevented my boss from finding my name, it also made "KC and the Sunshine Band" the only thing that would appear for my Adsense for months…

I can't begin to name all the things that have changed personally, professionally, and in just about every way possible.  Some quick notes that I can think of off the top of my head:

  • I've met some great people across the spectrum in terms of skills, geography, and experiences.  I've learned something from most of them and a lot from a few.  Most are linked in the blogroll to the left.
  • Many of the other bloggers who started up about the same time are gone.  More than  half of that original blogroll are completely gone, some haven't updated in a over a year.
  • CaseySoftware shifted from a parttime operation doing tiny one-off tweaks to existing projects to having a large and growing base of customers doing a mix of custom projects on top of a few established products and wholy new development work.
  • Despite all my efforts, I still can't find a qualified junior/mid level PHP guy to come on parttime…  *hint*hint*
  • Somewhere along the way, I was mistaken for someone whose opinion matters.  While I'm quick to correct people and point out the obvious absurdity of such a statement, I appreciate the mistake.  😉

So anyway, if you've made it here, welcome.  If you've found something useful, let me know and I'll remove it immediately… can't have any of that lurking around.  😉  Tomorrow I'll return to the regular agenda.